Short News

[19.03.2012] 08:00 Orga teams CP leaving Nador
[19.03.2012] 06:30 welcome to Africa. Arriving at Nador.
[18.03.2012] loading is finished. ferrys leaving Almeria
[18.03.2012] participant john first briefing
[18.03.2012] about 60 bikes already passed technical check successfully.
[18.03.2012] ready for subscribing
[18.03.2012] Orga Team arrives the habour of Almeria
[18.03.2012] Special ;-) “reaching the ferry” 013 Orga Kat 6×6 overtakes 069 Martin Fontyn, NL
[18.03.2012] Orga Treck is leaving Mojcar
[17.03.2012] Next Orga meeting 7.00 pm. Dinner for all 8.00 pm at the restaurant Marina Playa.

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