face parte din aceasta

With the slogan „be part of it“ we will raise the attraction of the Tuareg Rallye 2012 with various new ideas.

„be part of it“ reporting for those who stay at home

For 2012 we will intensify the reporting for those who stay at home.

  • Video reports direct from morocco will enable friends at home to be more in-touch with the Tuareg Rallye.
  • Additional daily on-line updates from reporters live in race.

„be part of it“ new rankings

We will establish the following new sub category for the Tuareg Rallye 2012.

  • Motorbike Profi „small engine“ < 300 CCM
  • Motorbike Amateur „Seniors“ > 50 years
  • Car Amateur „Common power“ more than 8 kg / HP

Every competitor is free to select his group (profi or amateur). Scoring inside a sub category will only be possible if the competitor satisfies the entry qualification of the group and enters this group. There will be no automatic scoring in a sub category.

And of course many beautiful landscapes. Challenging tracks in conjunction with an efficient and professional organisation and an effective security concept.

The Tuareg Rallye 2012 will be the highlight of the 14 year Tuareg Rallye history.

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